Teething Baby Going Crazy

Jack is teething, and it’s really driving him nuts. In return, he is trying to drive us crazy as well.Β  He moans and groans all day long. He’s eating okay, and will play and laugh a little during the day, but for the most part, he feels very cranky.

We’ve tried several different teething toys but he doesn’t seem to like anything. He hasn’t cut any teeth yet, almost but not yet. If we’re not entertaining him, he’s just cranky period. I feel like I’m in training for the terrible twos. He wants to be held constantly right now, but he doesn’t want us to sit down, so we have to walk around with him in our arms.

As a result, we’re pacing the floor with him all day and night it seems. It’s not so terrible really, I mean, I love holding him, and he’s not going to be this young forever, but he’s SO big. He’s bigger than a one year old. He’s breaking us, literally. I wouldn’t trade it though. I love my big baby. πŸ™‚