Sleeping like a baby.

Today Jack took ALL OF HIS NAPS IN HIS CRIB. This is something he has never done before, and believe me I have tried.

Then tonight a little after nine he started to get mad, so I put him in his crib. Just like he did earlier today, he popped his thumb in his mouth, and went to sleep. No fussing. No fighting. I didn’t have to pace the floor. I didn’t have to do my rhythmic shushing, and swaying routine. AMAZING. I am so proud of him. He is making huge strides.

We had a really good day today. He sat up without any help for extremely long stretches of time. He is in a MUCH better mood since he cut his first teeth. We even sat outside in the grass with the dogs for a while. πŸ™‚ Never mind the baby food stains on his PJ’s (He ate peaches for lunch.) πŸ™‚


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