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Product Review: Shea Moisture | Raw Shea Butter Baby Oil Rub.

My husband and I both have very sensitive skin.

As a child, I couldn’t even use ivory soap, without breaking out in a rash. I can recall soaking in an oatmeal bath, for skin related issues regularly, up until puberty.

When it comes to my 10 month old son Jack, I am very careful about the products I use on his skin.

Jack recently started taking a bath every other day, sometimes once a day. He is crawling around on the floor now, eating more solid foods, and just seems to be dirtier than in his earlier months. Plus he really enjoys bath time, it helps to put him in a better mood, when he is feeling cranky.

Jack received this bottle of baby oil as a gift, after he came home from NICU.

So, I started using it, and I LOVE IT. I pour a little in his bath, and it helps his skin stay soft. Plus it smells like HEAVEN. I literally have no complaints, I’ve even been using it on my own skin.

You can find it at Target.

🙂 ❤


Baby Jack 10 months!

Jack is ten months old today!! Wow!

He is crawling more and more these days.

He’s also attempting to sit up on his own, and pull himself up on things.

His favorite toys are his stuffed animals, and his books.

His favorite books are ‘The Napping House’, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, and ‘One fish two fish red fish blue fish’.

He loves it when I sing to him. His favorites are ‘itsy bitsy spider’, ‘twinkle twinkle’, ‘row row row your boat’, and ‘wheels on the bus’.

He loves to watch Baby Einstein world of colors.

He says a couple of words: He says “Hey”. He says “Gee” for hungry. “Goo” for good. He says “ba” and “ma” occasionally. He says “Mmm” while he eats.

Jack continuous to AMAZE us all! 🙂 ❤















I guess I haven’t blogged in a while, oops!
Been a little busy ya know? Mom stuff.

Jack is crawling more and more these days.
He’s also trying to sit up by himself, stand up by himself, and is trying to pull himself up on things.

He thinks our dogs are increasingly hilarious.
I let our little dog in the house, so Jack can try to ‘get him’ lol.

No sign of any new teeth yet, but soon.

I’m pretty sure Jack is close to 25lbs now. He has a checkup next month.

Jack and I have been going for walks nearly every day, and playing outside too.

Jack will be 10 months old tomorrow!!! Crazy!!! I am going to take his 10 month pictures tomorrow, so I will post those this weekend. 🙂