Weekend Update/Milestone Update

Jack has been in a much better mood the last few days. He is enjoying eating lots of solid meals, and taking naps in his crib during the day.

On Friday night Jack’s Auntie Kim and Cousin Ryan (7 years old) came for a visit. Which meant Jack had himself a play mate until they went home yesterday evening. Ryan is the only other little kid Jack ever sees, and he finds him fascinating. Jack watches everything Ryan does and he listens to everything he says. Jack is always pulling and grabbing at Ryan, in an attempt to examine him more closely.

Jack has been rolling front to back for quite some time now, and as of today Jack has officially started rolling back to front. It’s a brand new trick, and an important milestone, especially for a preemie. He’s also getting up on all fours more and more, and rocking back and forth, and he also enjoys bouncing up and down in our laps.

Jacks first NICU follow up appointment is this week, I’m a little excited, but mostly nervous. I hope Jacks in a good mood for that. I hope that he has fun showing off all of his tricks.








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