Jacks first NICU follow up

Jack had his first NICU follow up appointment today.
I knew that they would be evaluating him based on  his adjusted age of six months, and I knew that he would knock their socks off.
Which he did!
They were very impressed.
They had no concerns.
He’s in the 98th percentile on everything.
He didn’t do all of his tricks for them, but he hit all the marks that counted. They told us to keep up the good work, and he goes back again in six months (Good Sam Hosp follows their babies for the first two years).
I can’t take any credit. It’s all Jack.
Jack is in charge. He calls the shots. He makes the rules. He sets his own schedule. He does everything in his own time, and in his own way. He has the freedom to do these things, because he has a constant one on one care provider (me) , who is completely tuned in to him. He also has a wonderful father, and an extraordinary Grandmother, who help to nurture and guide him.
I am so incredibly proud of our little boy. He is a miracle child. We are so blessed. I am extremely grateful.

Jack, you are my hero. ❤

Jack and I sitting outside earlier this evening. Enjoying this warm weather.


It was so still out, we could hear the wings of the honkers (geese), that flew by.


I live for those dimples.


Long chubby toes.




Fur babies



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