Teething baby going crazy (part two)

Oh. My. God.
Jack is cutting two more teeth! These two are right next to the first two, on the bottom.
Poor baby is very restless at night, and completely unappeasable most of the day.

Despite Jacks extreme discomfort, he still manages to laugh and play a little during the day. He’s also ready to crawl ANY MINUTE. Both the doctor, and therapist at his NICU follow up appointment agreed.

As for me, I’m trying to do more organizing and baby proofing. I’m also trying to plan out some kind of play pen situation for Jack.
The thought of his impending mobility, while exciting, is also completely terrifying.
I feel like I need to box up everything in our house. This kid is going to be on the loose!

If anyone has any tips or tricks they’d like share, regarding either teething, baby proofing, and/or play pens. Please comment below. I’m only interested in positive/constructive feedback please. Thank you! 🙂


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  1. As far as play pens go, we use this:

    Jack isn’t mobile yet but I watch my niece during the week and she started walking a couple of months ago. I don’t use it enclosed like the picture shows, I just like to work around my couches and block in our living space. I almost didn’t buy a gate like this because some people said older babies could knock it over, but I reinforce the entire outside of the gate with random chairs and ottomans and stuff. It works super well, and the babies are both happy in there because there’s so much space they don’t even realize they’re trapped.

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  2. A gate to keep our guy out of the kitchen helps & we baby proofed all else- need to keep our bathroom door always shut though – he loves turning the bath on!

    For the teeth, we do infant Tylenol. I’ve found that he prefers a really cold, clean washcloth to gnaw on

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