Weekend Update

This past week was busier than normal for us.

Jack had his first NICU follow up appointment on Tuesday. You can read more about that here.

On Saturday Jack had an eye exam, at the eye specialist. Very premature babies like him sometimes develop eye problems. So he has regular eye exams, as a result.
I was not looking forward to that appointment at all, because I hate it when they clip Jack’s eyes open for the exam.
Thankfully, the doctor didn’t need to do that this time, which was a big relief.
Jacks eyes are perfect by the way. YAY! 😀 He’s a little far sighted, but the doctor says that’s a good thing, as a lot of preemies are near sighted. He has to go back for another exam in one year.

Jack really enjoyed both of these outings, he was good as gold, and had a lot of fun. He even had a good time in the waiting room at the eye doctor. He was laughing, and smiling, and talking to the other babies, and kids that were there too. He is so cute.

I can’t wait until we can go on adventures that don’t involve medical examinations. Cold and Flu season can’t end soon enough.
We have been cooped up more than usually lately, due to all this stormy weather, but it’s alright, we need the rain.

Jack slept in this morning, and took a nice long afternoon nap.
I made him a banana avocado purée for the day, a Sunday tradition.

This evening, before bath, and bedtime, Dadda read Jack ‘the very hungry caterpillar’. Hubby and I like this book in particular, because the caterpillar was born on a Sunday. The caterpillar ate and ate, then made himself a cocoon , and transformed into a beautiful butterfly. Jack was born on a Sunday, and he ate and ate, and slept in his cocoon (incubator) until he transformed into a beautiful butterfly (came home from NICU).



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