My post baby body.

Jack will be 10 months old in a few days, and I haven’t really done anything about my post pregnancy body.
I realize that I only made it to my 28th week of pregnancy, and shouldn’t have gained that much weight, but I did.

As of this moment I am approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall, I weigh 163lbs, and I am very unhappy with my body.

Until recently, I simply avoided mirrors, and tried not to think about my body. I tried not to think about what other people thought of my body either.

Lately though, I have been feeling especially down in the dumps with my weight. I’m well outside of my comfortable weight range. I feel like I’m outside of my husbands comfortable weight range too. Not that he has said anything, he’s been rather sweet and sympathetic actually, but that’s just it, I don’t want him to be sympathetic about my body.

My mother was outside of her own comfortable weight range, for most of my life. Granted she carried 3 healthy babies to term.
But I just remember her always feeling bad about her weight, and my dad being sympathetic.

I want to feel good about my body, and I want my husband to feel good about my body.


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  1. Hey you go girl!!!! I think resolving to work out is a great attitude to have. My husband and I are both person trainers just remember one thing muscle weighs more then fat. So when you start working out don’t worry about the scale at first. Hard I know but try to see how your clothes fit and how toned your body feels. When the scale gets you down try to think about that stuff before you allow yourself to give up. If you ran up a flight of steps that used to wind you and now its doesn’t its a small win!!! Remember little victories to help keep you motivated.


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