Things have been so nice around here since Jack started crawling! 😀 He is definitely enjoying himself more. He plays really hard during the day, so much so in fact, he has started going to bed at 6pm!!! 

At lunch time, Jack likes to drink a little milk, or watered down juice from a cup. I hold the cup for him of course, but he gets a big kick out of it.

Jack keeps trying to stand up by himself all the time, with little success, but he’s getting there (scary).

Jack also loves jumping/bouncing, I hold him up in a standing position, and then he likes to jump up and down with my help. We do not have a bouncer for him, because he’s too big for one, and because I don’t want the occupational therapist to lecture me.

Speaking of the occupational therapist, she is coming to our house tomorrow for her first ‘visit’ with Jack. Jack is in the early intervention program due to his early birth, and the bilateral brain bleeds he had in NICU. Jack blew them away at his NICU follow up last month though, so I am only a little nervous.

I am so grateful that Jack was born at Good Sam, they follow their preemies for their first two years of life. It is because of that hospital, that the early start people are even coming at all.  

Right now, Jack is enjoying his visit with his cousin Ryan, and Auntie Kim.



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