Jacks first public outing. 

Grammy and I took Jack on his first public outing this afternoon. (Screams)

We took him to a local arts/crafts/vintage faire. I was hoping their wouldn’t be too many people there, but the street was PACKED. 

I put Jack in his stroller, and he was doing really well for a while, but then we went passed the live band, and he lost it. So I got him out of his stroller, soothed him, and just walked around holding him the rest of the time, and he was just fine. 

I thought I was going to have a panic attack. It’s time for Jack to meet the world though, and all the people and noise in it. He’s been couped up long enough.

I did have a lady poke her head in jacks stroller and tell me “he doesn’t look very happy.” I wanted to slap her, but she was off on her merry way before I could raise my hand.

Tomorrow, Jack is going to run errands with Grammy and I. Hopefully target won’t be as overwhelming. 

All in all it was a very good day. Even Auntie and cousin came to visit, and Jack met great Aunt Marilynn for the first time. 


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