Product Review: Huggies Little Movers Slip On Diapers.

So for my second product review, I thought I’d share my favorite diapers. My mother in law turned me on to these particular diapers. At first I was like “Slip on diapers? Really!? We’re not ready for those yet.” Oh, but we are. After Jack took off his diaper and played with it, I busted out these bad boys. They aren’t actually slip on diapers, they have the little tabs. In fact, they have an extra set of that Velcro type sticky stuff. Plus, these diapers are super stretchy, the sides are almost the same material as vet wrap, or ace bandage. So they are very comfortable for Jack. He hasn’t taken one off yet, so I think the extra stickiness has stopped him for now. For an added bonus, these diapers hold up thru the night. Yay!


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