My nephew Ryan is staying with us over his spring break, so Jack has his cousin to play with all week. πŸ™‚ ❀

Jack has been making leaps and bounds in the milestone department. He’s getting better, and better at standing up by himself. He’s making huge strides in feeding himself. He’s very interested in eating food food, and has discovered powdered donuts. He’s also been talking a lot more, he says ‘dadda’ frequently, and he says ‘momma’ and ‘baba’ sometimes. He says a lot of other words that I cannot pronounce myself, and makes a variety of adorable noises. He makes this adorable little whistling sound at times, and spitting/raspberries are still his favorite. He loves to bang on things, specifically things that make noise. He delights in mischief. He loves our dogs, and our cats. He loves to go outside, and to run errands. He loves to be read to, I’ve started reading ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’  to him.  He’s such a busy boy, just like any other almost one year old. He is my greatest blessing.

Jack and his cousin Ryan with there matching easter bunnies.


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