Teething baby, someone save me.

Jack is in a lot of pain from teething, and having a hard time sleeping. Baby Tylenol has no effect, thinking of trying baby ibuprofen.



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  1. Sorry, mama. I feel yours and Jack’s pain. We are having a rough couple of days here too, Jack’s second tooth is trying to break through and we aren’t taking it well. Tylenol is the only medication I’ve used on him and it probably helps like 75% of the time it seems like. Trying something else couldn’t hurt?

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  2. Oh, I feel your pain! Teething sucks! Baby paracetamol, rusks, cold wash cloth for them to suck/chew on, teether toys. There is something you can buy called a Gummee Glove which bub can wear on their hand and chew away. I have heard that frozen sticks of celery help but haven’t tried this one myself. Remember, as crappy as teething is, it will pass 🙂 Good luck!

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