Jack had his monthly visit with his occupational therapist on Monday, she says keep up the good work. She expects him to start walking anytime now, but no hurry.

Jacks teething saga continues, he’s got three teeth on the bottom now, and one on top. Plus another top one has just barely started cutting. For the past several weeks Jack has been a toddler during the day, and like a newborn at night. Teething is exhausting business.

Jack has been talking a lot more lately. He’s been experimenting with different tones of voice, and sounds. His first official word is “Hi!” Or “Eyy!” And he waves for both “Hi!” And “Bye!”

As for walking, we’re in no hurry. Jacks very fast at crawling, and when he stands up he can already reach most things. He loves mischief, and always checks over his shoulder for my reaction.

 Jack loves to bang things together. That’s his passion. He needs just the right sound though, he’s a percussionist. Music always gets his attention. He’s also a fan of balls, and anything with wheels. When he crawls after something really fast, he whistles. He’s like a train. He’ll roll right over the top of anything in his path. Occasionally he goes around an obstacle, but only if it’s absolutely nessesary. He loves to mow things down. 

Jack talks to, and wrestles with, his stuffed animals in his crib. He does this only when he believes no one is watching. 

Jack says “Dadda” a lot. He hasn’t said “momma”, he just tells me “Hi” and gives me his patented smile. He is irresistible. 

This Little Light of Mine

The Grey Gato

Good Morning Sunshine

Taking It All In At The Farmers Market.

Guess with Jess on Netflix


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