My son Jack and I were strolling thru Target the other day, and we went by the toy aisle. They had one of those large cage bins full of colorful beach balls out. There was a mother with her son, a boy a few years older than Jack, and he was making a selection from that ball bin. He brought out a pink one. The boy’s mother told him outright, without pause for consideration, “No. Not that one. That’s a girl color.”

That woman missed a major opportunity with her son. She should have felt proud of the fact that he, without pause for consideration, chose the pink ball. Instead, she shot him down and perpetuated a negative stereotype.

Pink is a color, just like any other color. It is equal to blue, red, green, purple, and orange. It is not a sub-color. It is not an inferior color because our culture chooses to assign it to Barbie’s dream house, and the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

As we passed by this woman, and her son, I thought to myself “If that were her daughter, selecting a blue ball, there wouldn’t be an issue.” Perhaps that would be an issue, though, perhaps that mother would say to her daughter, “No. Not that one. Pick a girl color.”

Jack having lunch.


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