This past week Jack’s diet was more like that of a toddler. More cups, less bottles. Lot’s of self feeding, and table food. Cheerios. Are. Everywhere. I sweep the floor countless times a day.

Jack has been fairly easy to get to nap during the day, but very difficult to put to bed at night. When he does fall asleep in his crib, it’s only for the first part of the night. When I go to bed, he wakes up yelling for me. Literally, the minute I shut my eyes, and start to drift off, he loses his shit. So I get up and go and get him, and bring him to bed with me. Then when Dadda comes to bed, Jack wakes up. At this point Jack is no longer get comfy in our bed, and he won’t get comfy in his bed, so I take him to the couch, where he sleeps on me. When he can no longer get comfy on me, (usually just before dawn) he will let me put him down to sleep in his crib. Then he wakes up a little while later. sometimes he plays in his bed quietly until I come in to get him up. Then it’s “Hi!” with a wave of his little hand, and a new day has begun.

Jack plays with his toys very cheerfully by himself. He loves to make noise, and bang on things. He loves books, and being read to. He’s been jabbering up a storm, and has started getting his little kid voice. He crawls across the room, and down the hall in no time flat. He stands up by himself as often as he gets the chance, and is getting better at free standing too.

Jacks first official play date is coming up this week. It’s with a former NICU roommate. A baby girl who just turned a year old too. It will be so good to catch up with her parents and watch the babies interact. ❤

Saying “Hi!” to the puppy.

Wild Kingdom

Listening to the wind chimes, up in the cherry tree.

We’re both unable to completely open our eyes in direct sunlight. #californiavampires

Backyard Adventures


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  1. Omg Jack just went through a huge sleep drama and it was so frustrating. We just couldn’t get him down for bed, naps were fine. The only way we could peacefully knock him out was to wear him and walk around the neighborhood.. for like almost two months.. He just started sleeping normally again like a couple of weeks ago.

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    • Oh we are so hoping this phase will end soon. I tried baby wearing him again to get him to chill. But he just fights to get down. He just wants to play and play and make mischief. The other night he randomly slept from 6:30pm-12am. Then got up and wanted to play. Luckily my husband is a night owl and so is my MIL. So they played with him until 3am! Jack went over to the patio door and saw it was dark, he looked at all the other windows…and my husband is like “yeah it’s nighttime” and then Jack let him put him in bed! Lol


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