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Recommended Reading | The Marvelous Land Of Oz

The Marvelous Land Of Oz by L. Frank Baum, Illustrated by John R. Neill, is the second book in the ‘Oz’ series. I read The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz aloud to my son Jack, and I read this one to him, immediately following. I had high hopes for this book, as the first one was so entertaining, and I was not disappointed.



Dorothy isn’t in this story, but her friends the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and Glinda the Good, are. The reader is introduced to new characters as well. Including, but not limited to, a young boy named Tip, Jack Pumpkin Head, a Sawhorse, a Woggle Bug, and a Gump.

The plot features two very perceptive story lines. Including, an ‘All Girl’ Army of Revolt, that overtakes The Emerald City Of Oz, and a young boy, who was really a princess all along. These two unique story lines offer prudent messages to today’s reader, or listener.

“I hope none of you will care less for me than you did before. I’m just the same Tip, you know; only…only…”

“Only you’re different!” said the Pumpkinhead; and everyone thought it was the wisest speech he had ever made.

~L. Frank Baum. 

“What has happened?” The Scarecrow asked a sad-looking man with a bushy beard, who wore an apron and was wheeling a baby-carriage along the sidewalk.

“Why, we’ve had a revolution, your majesty as you ought to know very well,” replied the man; “and since you went away the women have been running things to suit themselves. I’m glad you have decided to come back and restore order, for doing housework and minding the children is wearing out the strength of every man in the Emerald City.”

“Hm!” said the Scarecrow, thoughtfully. “if it is such hard work as you say, how did the women manage it so easily?”

“I really do not know,” replied the man, with a deep sigh. “Perhaps the woman are made of cast iron.”

~L. Frank Baum.

The Author wrote this book for children, more than 100 years ago. Yet the attitudes, and themes within, are exceedingly relevant to the children, AND adults of today.


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