Date Night

Last night Hubby took me out to dinner and a movie. Something we haven’t done since before I was pregnant. I guess you could say we were over-do.

Thankfully, we had Grammy to babysit. Jack was good as gold for her the whole time, he even let her put him to bed.

However, at 9:30pm Jack woke up. He was yelling for us, and we weren’t home. She had to show him every room in the house, and even the backyard, because he was looking for us, and couldn’t believe we weren’t home yet. He was having a MELTDOWN. He was panicked and out of breath from crying

We came thru the front door at 9:45pm. I could instantly see the relief in Jacks eyes as we walked in. After that, he wouldn’t let us put him down for the rest of the night.

I guess our curfew is 9pm.

P.S. We saw Mad Max: Fury Road and it was AMAZING!


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