‘That Mom’

Today, the boys and I (my nephew is staying with us for a few days) walked down to the public library so I could get a library card. A very ambitious endeavor with a one-year-old in tow.

Jack enjoyed the 20-minute walk to the library, he tolerated the wait while I got my library card, but when it came time for shelf browsing he’d had enough. He started to whine, so I got him out of his stroller and carried him while I browsed. I had a book, and a movie on my list already. I had just enough time (with the help of the librarian) to check those out before Jack REALLY started to whine loudly.

With my cut off shorts and tank top that did nothing to hide my cellulite and loose tummy, everyone was looking at me like I was ‘that mom’ and with two young boys by my side our presence was disruptive at the least.
In the end, I came away with a book titled ‘Last Child In The Woods’ and ‘Blade Runner’ on DVD. My nephew didn’t feel like checking out a book, because “we have lots of books at home” which is true, we have enough books to open our own library, but I’m glad I got my public library card.


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