The Car Show.

Yesterday, we took Jack down to check out a vintage/classic car show. Lately, he’s really into cars. He even makes car sounds. He gets it from my side of the family, my dad and brother are both car guys, with an affinity for all things that go.

I’m a fan of classic American muscle cars myself, I love the way they look, the way the sound of the engine reverberates off the metal, I am not ashamed to turn my head completely around to watch a nice car drive by. Fun fact, I don’t drive. I’ve never had a permit or a license, I’m scared to death of driving. That doesn’t stop me from appreciating them. My husband is not a car guy, but he understands them from an artistic standpoint, the curves and lines, the colors etc.

Jack seemed to really enjoy himself. He didn’t whine or cry, he was happy to be pushed in his stroller the whole time. He was in a very good mood talking and laughing, with his Hotwheels clutched in his little hand. Β It was a perfect family outing.


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