15 Months

15 months 1 day old.

Yesterday, Jack turned 15 months old. My husband wants to know when we stop counting the months, and just go by the years. I laughed and explained how it works. He made me promise that when Jack turns two, we just say he’s two.

Getting Around

Jack has taken his first steps! He can take about 4-6 steps by himself. Right now he’s more confident walking while holding our hands, we are like his training wheels. He will only walk by himself randomly, and if we insist that he walk by himself, he has a total meltdown. So were just going with it until he feels ready.

Tell Me About It

Jack is learning new words all of the time, and he jabbers in his own language constantly, always with lots of hand gestures for emphasis. He also sings, and experiments with different ranges of volume and tone of voice.

Hungry Jack

Jack’s appetite keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I don’t have to mash up his food anymore. Yay! His favorite foods are avocados and bananas, his favorite meals are burritos, pizza, and pasta.

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Jack is totally fascinated by our dogs and cats, by the cars in the street, and by the grass, trees, flowers and bees in our yard. Jack’s favorite toys are his hot wheels, his Uncle Ru gave him a whole bunch of them too! He loves to read his baby board books. He turns the pages, and points at the pictures, and jabbers away. He smiles and giggles when we read the book with all of the baby face pictures. Jack does things to make us laugh on purpose, always with his adorable gaped tooth grin.

Bye Bye

Jack still gets a big kick out of the grocery store and going ‘bye-bye’ in general. He tells his Grammy “bye” whenever he sees her in her hospital scrubs, as he knows she’s going to work.

Little Mimic

Jack loves to play with sidewalk chalk, he holds the chalk and makes tiny little marks on the cement as he mimics me. Last Saturday morning Jack and I were watching Sesame Street and Jack kept trying to mimic Elmo’s voice!

It’s A Guy Thing

Jack is wanting his Dad more and more for certain things lately. I love watching Jack with his Dad, they are just too adorable together, like a dream come true.

Growing Like A Weed

Last night, as I was rocking Jack to sleep in his bedroom, I thought about how big he is now, how he’s more like a little boy, and less like a baby every day. It made me cry. I am so grateful, though, for my big strong boy. My arms and my heart grow fuller every day.


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