Our Family Vacation Is Coming Up…

Our first family vacation with Jack is coming up. I am extremely nervous about being away from home for multiple days and nights with Jack. I'm worried that he will have frequent meltdowns and freak outs, and infrequent periods of eating and sleeping. Did anyone else experience this type of anxiety about an upcoming vacation… Continue reading Our Family Vacation Is Coming Up…

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No Place Like Home

On Saturday, the three of us (my Husband, Jack, and Myself) had our first overnight adventure at Great Aunt Elaine's house. My Husband and I knew from previous adventures how much Jack loved to come Home after a long day of socialization and stimulation. So we were a little apprehensive as we approached our first… Continue reading No Place Like Home


What’s New

Teeth are evil. Jack is teething again! Yikes! We returned from his shot appointment this afternoon, to discover that all four of his back molars are coming in. His gums are very swollen and it's making him cranky. However, Jack was a trooper at the pediatrician's office, he didn't even cry after the shot. Look out… Continue reading What’s New