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Teeth are evil.

Jack is teething again! Yikes! We returned from his shot appointment this afternoon, to discover that all four of his back molars are coming in. His gums are very swollen and it’s making him cranky. However, Jack was a trooper at the pediatrician’s office, he didn’t even cry after the shot.

Look out world, here he comes!

Recently, Jack started toddling! Crawling is still his default mode of transport, but he is slowly but surely walking around on his own. I love watching him get up on those legs! He puts his arms out in front of him like Frankenstein, it is just the cutest thing!

Story time.

Lately, Jack is way more into books, especially the touch and feel books, and books with pictures of babies faces. Jack will bring me a book, and then try to crawl up into my lap. I love that he wants to just sit in my lap and let me read to him. Trouble is he likes the same books over and over. But that’s alright with us, the point is that he likes books!

You’ll always be my baby.

Where did my baby go!? He just disappeared over night and left me a toddler in his place. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. But that’s okay, I love this toddler boy even more!

His favorite part of the day was the pit stop for fries. 🍟

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He likes to turn the pages himself. 📖

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When he's actually sitting still for a change. #instatoddler

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Hey there big boy! #instadaily #smpbrandrep2015

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