Our Family Vacation Is Coming Up…

Our first family vacation with Jack is coming up. I am extremely nervous about being away from home for multiple days and nights with Jack. I’m worried that he will have frequent meltdowns and freak outs, and infrequent periods of eating and sleeping.

Did anyone else experience this type of anxiety about an upcoming vacation with a little one? How did your trip turn out? Do you have any wisdom to share?

Thank you πŸ™‚ ❀



  1. When my oldest was a year old, we took her on her first vacation. We flew from Iowa to Arizona, then drove with some friends to go to theme parks in California. I was incredibly nervous as well, but things went a lot better than I anticipated. Just make sure you give him time to rest and have all the essentials on hand. I hope everything goes well for you guys!

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  2. Ooh, where are you going? The only part about traveling with Jack that is super stressful to me is nighttime. I just hate not being able to do our normal routine completely and it just stresses me out. The rest is surprisingly okay for us. I think the best thing you can do is let go of trying to hang onto any sense of normalcy, his sleep will probably be off, naps screwed up, no routine but you just have to roll with it and realize it will all be fine. Have fun!

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    1. We’re going up the California coast.
      Yea, the lack of routine naps thing scares me. Because if Jack goes hard all day he OVER tires. Then he turns into a nut. Lol. I’m just gonna roll with it, and try to relax as best I can.
      Thanks ladies ❀


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