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Live and Let Live | Love and Let Love

Recently, I was browsing my facebook news feed ( I know, I really need to stay off of facebook) when I came across a story that one of my family members had left a comment on. The story was about a married couple who had just given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl.… Continue reading Live and Let Live | Love and Let Love


Opinions Abound

What's that saying? Oh yeah."Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one." Lately, I can't scroll thru the news or my Facebook feed without encountering the hot-button topic of the moment; planned parenthood and subsequently, abortion. It's a heated issue, surrounded by much debate, fueled by intense emotions and powerful political agendas. It seems to me that… Continue reading Opinions Abound


It was bound to happen eventually…

Jack has his first cold; poor baby. It hit Grammy first, then me, and now Jack. My Husband is the only one who hasn't caught it. So far, Jack's just sneezing with a clear running nose and a low-grade temp. I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't progress any further than that. He doesn't seem much… Continue reading It was bound to happen eventually…

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Home Is Where Our Hearts Are.

Vacation, what vacation? There is no "vacation" when you are with a one-year-old boy. I'm completely exhausted. I have sore muscles and many bruises. Fortunately, I also have a fresh batch of memories of our baby boy and many wonderful pictures of Fort Bragg, and Glass Beach. Jack was a champ for the whole trip. Although he… Continue reading Home Is Where Our Hearts Are.