Home Is Where Our Hearts Are.

Vacation, what vacation? There is no “vacation” when you are with a one-year-old boy. I’m completely exhausted. I have sore muscles and many bruises. Fortunately, I also have a fresh batch of memories of our baby boy and many wonderful pictures of Fort Bragg, and Glass Beach.

Jack was a champ for the whole trip. Although he did have his first bout of car sickness. We took Highway #20 into Fort Bragg, and the last 33 miles was a pure downhill, winding, “fish tail” road. We were in no way prepared for that.

The glass beach was just as magical to behold as we had imagined. We were not disappointed. The ride on the skunk train was also as enjoyable as promised, and we came away with a family photo.

Jack loved being out and about all day. He would laugh and squeal whenever he went in the car for just a short time because he knew we were doing something fun. He LOVES people watching, and will stare a person down. He also gets a big kick out of other little kids. Friendly adults smile and laugh and try to engage him all of the time, but he’s usually quite bashful when he is expected to participate in the exchange. He waves to people and says “hi” only after they’ve gone by.

Like so many children before him, Jack found hours of entertainment in our tiny beach motel rooms, by playing with the spring door stoppers behind all of the doors. He also figured out how to operate the toilet handle, and would not tolerate anything less than sole control over the T.V. remote.

After long hours of play, and one or two naps during the days, Jack slept thru the nights in his porta crib. The secret to the successful nights of sleep was that his porta crib was in Grammy’s motel room, and Jack will do anything his Grammy says because she has magical powers. Subsequently, my husband and I were able to have some much needed “mama and dadda time” over in our motel room.

I didn’t get many shots of Jack in action on this trip. If my hands were free to snap photos, I was focusing on the beautiful change of scenery.

We had our share of less than ideal vacation moments, but, all in all, we’re glad we went. I’d recommend a trip to Fort Bragg, specifically Glass Beach, to anyone who lives in California, and has never been. If you have to or plan on taking highway 20 though, be sure to bring barf bags, just in case.



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