It has been a while since I’ve done an update post, every day is the same while somehow managing to keep me on my toes. Jack is everywhere and fast. He’s the size of a 2.5-year-old with the strength to match, which makes for a terrifying combination in an 18-month-old. When I use the word terrifying I mean it, Jack keeps my adrenaline pumping. I’m completely willing to empty all the furniture out of the house and pad the walls, but Jacks Grammy and Daddy aren’t on board with that plan so we are compromising with a new baby gate instead.

In other news, I’m taking a part-time job for the Holiday season, which is terrifying as well. Not the job part, but the being out of the house and away from my son for large chunks of the day freaks me right out. He will have his Daddy and his Grammy both when I’m not here, and for that I am so grateful. However, in addition to being a complete control freak I am also a worry wort. Plus I’m going to have to leave detailed descriptions and instructions regarding aspects of Jacks daily life that while are second nature to me, will be a new ground for my Husband. I do need to relinquish my control and let my husband take the lead more, it will be good for me and good for his bond with Jack. Also I will be getting out of the house, and will hopefully be able to boss around people who aren’t related to me for a change.

Halloween is this weekend and I am very excited. Jack’s costume is just too darling and I’ve already taken so many pictures of him in it. Jack has also learned how to identify and say ‘pumpkin’. He carries around his Halloween bucket and we are trying to get him to say ‘trick or treat’. Jacks also very into ‘Peppa Pig’ on YouTube and will say ‘Peppa’. We also watched ‘Room on the Broom’, and the one about ‘ The Gruffalo’ on Netflix, and Jack was laughing out loud which was so cute. He’s really at a fun age and I’m really enjoying watching him blossom into a full-fledged little boy.



  1. I watched Room on the Broom with Jack too, it was cute! Getting a job for the holidays will be such a big change, but I bet it will feel good to do something a little different! I’m going through a super territorial control freak stage with Jack right now, I think just because our Jack’s are at such a scary age. They can get into and do pretty much everything but have no idea how dangerous some things are and it freaks me out! Our Jacks are in good hands though, even when they aren’t ours.

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