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Running in circles.

The days are long, but the time is short.

Jack will be 19 months old on Friday. How the hell did that happen!? It’s all going by so fast…that cliche is so true, blink and it’s over. I’m doing my best to soak up as much of Jacks toddler-hood as possible, my husband is too, and he’s had more opportunity to do so since he’s been taking over for me and doing the Mr. Mom thing while I’m away at work.

Work is going well, by the way, my hours have been getting longer and Jack has been spending the bulk of his time with his dad when I’m not home. Dada has always been Jacks favorite, which is course both natural and adorable, and makes me feel proud.

Jack still runs circles around ALL of us, though. Dada and Grammy are usually both completely worn out by the time I come home. They have that look I’ve seen so many times before, except then it was my own reflection in the mirror staring back at me. We’re all coping with our lack of energy and Jacks abundance of energy with multiple trips to the coffee pot.

Thankfully the boys are doing so well without me that I can continue working even after I start school in January. I’m planning on taking at least a couple of courses. Hopefully, this time will be more successful than the last time. I’m a little older, a little wiser, and have a little more purpose and determination to propel me forward.





Beaches and Baby Bumps…

A friend of mine, who is also a model, is having a baby this December.

When she asked me to take her maternity photos, naturally I jumped at the chance. We mutually decided on Asilomar Beach for our photo shoot location. We managed to get some great shot’s in before the high tide soaked me and my camera both, and spoiled all of our fun. We finished the rest of our session back at my house and got some great shot’s in there too.


All Photos © Heather Mae Graham 2015


A lot has changed around our house since my last post. I started a part-time seasonal job at a major retailer. It’s not a lot of hours at the moment, and so far only temporary, but I’m optimistic. My husband has been taking charge of Jack while I’m away at work, and so far the bonding time between the two of them has been really wonderful. Jack loves all the extra quality time with his Dad, and Jeremy really enjoys himself as well. I love coming home and finding them playing with toy cars or reading books. Jack doesn’t seem too bothered by my absence, in fact, I don’t think it really phases him at all, which is both a great relief and a slight disappointment.

However, Jack has been going thru a number of behavioral changes that trouble me, even though everyone I speak to about it insists they are normal behaviors of a one and a half-year-old boy. Jack hit’s, scratches, and bites me and only me for the most part. I do not believe this behavior is a result of my working because it stated before that. Jack’s ferocious temper has been making a nightly appearance as he is down to one nap a day. He goes to bed like a perfect little angel, sleeps approximately 45 minutes to an hour, then wakes up enraged for some unknown reason. He does not want a thing, and will barely tolerate my consolation, he struggles in my arms, but when I go to put him down he screams harder and reaches up for me. Every night we do this for an hour or two and usually some random activity will calm him down long enough so that he will accept sleep again.

In other news, I have applied to a local community college and have started the registration process. This is an important step on my “I don’t want to work in retail forever” to do list, also known as my “I hate khaki pant’s and here’s what I’m doing about it” list. I haven’t decided on a course load yet, I want to get my feet wet first before I decide to take on a full load. I’m up for the challenge, I just don’t want to bite off more than I can realistically chew, but again, I am optimistic.