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December 25th 2015

Jack let us sleep until 8 am on Xmas morning. When he did wake up, he proceeded to jump up and down in his crib and holler loudly, as is his usual morning custom. I gave him a cup of whole milk while I changed him, then we walked hand in hand into the front… Continue reading December 25th 2015

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Jack is going everywhere at top speed all the time. He loves to talk and talk and talk, and sometimes we can even understand him. He also enjoys laughing, yelling, fake sneezing, fake coughing, and dancing with the use of just his arms. He enjoys books very much, but lately, he prefers to read the book… Continue reading Update

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Holiday Photos 2015

Behold. Our official holiday family photos for 2015. My beloved husband and mama in law helped take the photos. Jack didn't really feel like holding still much at all, but we did our best. We also skipped the mall Santa and hit up our public library instead. 🙂

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Apparently, I am more than a little stressed out.

Yesterday, at work I had heart palpitations accompanied by a panic attack. I was simply folding towels on the sales floor, nothing too exciting, when all of a sudden my heart started pounding and I felt very dizzy and weak in the knees. I also felt nauseated...And my vision went a little fuzzy. Now, I've… Continue reading Apparently, I am more than a little stressed out.

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Holiday Photos

Last year, about this time, maybe even a little sooner actually, we took some family photos for holiday cards. In addition to those photos I took some extremely adorable photos of Jack as "Santa Baby", and those photos were the center theme of our holiday card. Believe me, when I say that the Santa Baby… Continue reading Holiday Photos

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas? This year contrary to previous years we are celebrating Xmas. That's Christmas with the Christ part struck out. That's right you guessed it, we are not a Christian household. We are more or less a pagan household. Our Yule Tide celebration as we like to call it usually takes place on Winter Solstice. This… Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot like…