It’s beginning to look a lot like…


This year contrary to previous years we are celebrating Xmas. That’s Christmas with the Christ part struck out. That’s right you guessed it, we are not a Christian household. We are more or less a pagan household. Our Yule Tide celebration as we like to call it usually takes place on Winter Solstice. This year, however, we are celebrating on the 25th, because we ALL have the day off work that day.

This year also marks the first year we will be playing Santa with Jack. My husband and I decided after much deliberation that we will participate in the Santa tradition with Jack. However, I am not completely comfortable lying and pretending like Santa is, in fact, a real dude. As Jack gets older I plan to teach him that Santa is to Xmas as Mickey Mouse is to Disney, and Santa is just the spirit of giving personified for the month of December. Additionally, this month the hubby and I plan to venture out to the mall with baby Jack in tow, so that we can have our pictures taken with Santa Clause, in a time-honored family tradition, that is sure to make for a hilarious holiday decoration for many years to come. Hopefully, we will get some great holiday cards out of the deal too.

As of this week, I am officially done with all of my Xmas decorating. Jack’s Grammy and I finished putting up the tree last night, and it looks great. Jack wants to play with all the pretty toy-like ornaments on the tree, but of course, he cannot. We very wisely placed the tree in a space that closes off to Jack (thank you baby gate. ) Jack’s favorite thing about all the holiday decor is the abundance of stars around the house, especially the star on the tree he loves it. I’m thinking of redoing Jack’s room with a star theme because he loves them so much. Stars, cars, and guitars, that’s what our little boy is made of.

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