Holiday Photos

Last year, about this time, maybe even a little sooner actually, we took some family photos for holiday cards. In addition to those photos I took some extremely adorable photos of Jack as “Santa Baby”, and those photos were the center theme of our holiday card. Believe me, when I say that the Santa Baby pictures were by far the cutest pictures of Jack EVER. I had it pretty good last year, Jack with his adorable baby features and personality, coupled with the fact that he was not yet mobile and could not object to being photographed by running away.

This year, I am struggling to come up for a photo idea for Jack that will top last year, which is a near impossibility as my husband was so kind to inform me. In fact, my husband insisted that this year I just send out the same Santa Baby pictures of Jack from last year. I’ll admit that I did think about it, because it’s true I have almost no chance of topping last years photos, but damn it I have to try.

Now, without further ado, here are last years holiday photos of “Santa Baby Jack.”


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