Apparently, I am more than a little stressed out.

Yesterday, at work I had heart palpitations accompanied by a panic attack. I was simply folding towels on the sales floor, nothing too exciting, when all of a sudden my heart started pounding and I felt very dizzy and weak in the knees. I also felt nauseated…And my vision went a little fuzzy.

Now, I’ve had anxiety attacks before, but this was way more intense like I was dying. I’m told it was a panic attack for that reason.

I couldn’t get a grip on it, and I couldn’t stop myself from visibly shaking, and the dizziness wasn’t subsiding so I had to leave work and hour early.

My sister in law picked me up from work and took me into ER under the advisement of my mother in law. Her concern was that my symptoms including an intense headache we’re the result of an infection I presently have in my back molar. ( I have a dental appointment coming up for that.)

So anyway, I’m admitted to ER with a heart rate in the 150’s. They did an EKG and took some urine. (No. I’m not pregnant. No. I’m not on meth.) They wanted to hook me up to some iv drugs to calm me down, which was by far the worst part of the whole ordeal. I have tiny bashful veins and it’s very difficult for even the most seasoned medical professionals to get an IV in me. I had the same problem when I was having Jack.

Anyway, 4 tries and two nurses later and they got the IV in but didn’t draw blood. So the poor lab girl had to try to draw blood from my now tender and bruised arms. She did manage to get the job done eventually. Bless her heart.

After all the tests came back normal, including a chest x-ray, and after my heartbeat went back to normal. I was discharged. I left with a prescription for antibiotics for an apparent UTI that I have, but have so symptoms of, and some anxiety meds. I’m also supposed to be mindful of my heart rate and if it goes into the 150’s again the doc wants me to be seen right away.

The ER doctor told me to avoid caffeine and try and relax, or “take it easy” as the saying goes. He wrote me a note excusing me from work today, which I’m sure is going to help improve my situation there. NOT.










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  1. Oh no! That’s horrible! My husband is on depression medication but also suffers from terrible anxiety. He actually has had a history of hypertension as well. Take good care of yourself! It’s difficult to relax when you know you have to get back to work, but any little bit of relaxation can be helpful. Hope you start to feel better!

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