Jack is going everywhere at top speed all the time. He loves to talk and talk and talk, and sometimes we can even understand him. He also enjoys laughing, yelling, fake sneezing, fake coughing, and dancing with the use of just his arms. He enjoys books very much, but lately, he prefers to read the book to us, and sometimes he even holds the book right side up. Peppa Pig is still his most favorite cartoon show/thing to watch while he eat’s breakfast.

Jack has also been playing with his small wooden blocks more and more and has learned to stack them one on top of the other. When he first started learning how to stack the small wooden blocks, his daddy and I would clap and get excited every time he managed to successfully stack one. Jack would be too eager and his hand would jerk with excitement and the blocks would fall. Now, Jack has learned to go patient and carefully with the blocks and he can stack them up very high, and he always claps and smiles with delight, as do we.

Hubby has really gotten the hang of his daddy daycare gig *knocks on wood* and Jack is still enjoying their special time together and behaving himself, *knocks on wood again.* It’s nice to come home after a long day and find the two of them playing together sweetly. I especially love it when Jack sees me come thru the door after I’ve been away all day and he greets me with a loud “HI” and a wide toothy smile. Jack is usually more likely to give me kisses if he hasn’t seen me all day which is precious.

As for me, I have finally finished my holiday to-do list and am trying to relax on my down time from work, because the weeks and months ahead are going to be more hectic than usual. I’ve got extra hours at work plus dental appointments (which I dread). I’m also getting everything in order for school in the spring, I am taking two classes to start, which may not seem like a lot, but it’s all I can handle at this time. I am looking forward to meeting the new challenges, and I am confident in my abilities, especially with my family here to support me.



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