December 25th 2015

Jack let us sleep until 8 am on Xmas morning. When he did wake up, he proceeded to jump up and down in his crib and holler loudly, as is his usual morning custom. I gave him a cup of whole milk while I changed him, then we walked hand in hand into the front room where the tree was all lit up, with all the presents stuffed underneath it.

Beneath the tree, Jack found a star shaped light all lit up, to which he exclaimed “WOW” over and over again.
He also found a set of large baby legos in assorted colors, and he liked those very much too. By this time, Jacks daddy and grammy were both awake and readying themselves for theΒ event about to unfold.

Before long, Jack was being swallowed up by paper and bows and more toys than he knew what to do with, and soon enough he became very cranky and needed to lay down, and he wasn’t even thru unwrapping yet.

While Jack napped, I showered and dressed and then set to work in the kitchen. I didn’t have much cooking to do, I was just making mashed potatoes that I was taking over to Jacks auntie Kim’s house because we were having Xmas dinner over there with the rest of the family.

We left the house around 1:30 pm and made the short drive over to Jack’s auntie Kim and uncle Dan’s house. Jack’s arrival went over without incident, and he settled in quite nicely. He was especially fond of the ceiling fan in her dining room ( we don’t have any ceiling fans) and kept exclaiming “WOW” as he was obviously impressed. Auntie Kims house also has stairs (we don’t) (knocks on wood) and Jack was obsessed with walking up and down them with either his daddy or my assistance.

After opening more gifts as a family, we sat down to a beautiful dinner prepared by Jacks’s uncle Dan. Jack didn’t eat as much as I would have liked. Between the stairs and the ceiling fan, he was preoccupied. By nightfall, we were all completely wore out and 6:30 pm felt more like 10:30 pm, so we loaded up the car and drove home under the full Xmas moon.


Mama + Dada + Jack
My Nephew and I
Jack + Mama
Jack + Cousin Ryan
Jack + Uncle Dan
Jack and Mama
My Nephew and I
Mama + Dada + Jack



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