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Jack said ” I love you mama”

Well, technically he said "N na noo mama" but I know what he meant and it definitely counts, but of course he hasn't said it since. Anyway, here's a whole bunch of pictures of Mr. Jack, because he is too cute for words. P.S. Jack is also 21 months old as of yesterday! Holy Hell he's almost… Continue reading Jack said ” I love you mama”

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Sweet N Swag Baby Moccasins | Product Review

My son Jack has my feet, they are flat, they are wide, and they are equipped with long toes.  Much like me, Jack prefers to go barefoot, unless shoes are absolutely necessary. Like when he goes bye-bye or goes outside to play. When Jack first started to wear shoes we struggled to find ones that fit… Continue reading Sweet N Swag Baby Moccasins | Product Review

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Where did this big boy come from?

Jack is closer to being a two-year-old, then he is to a one-year-old. A fact which continues to boggle my mind daily.  Where did this big boy come from? He was 30 pounds at his last baby well checkup. It seems like another lifetime ago that I was counting his breaths as his tiny 3-pound… Continue reading Where did this big boy come from?

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A little sunshine goes a long way.

❤ Jack, one year, 8 months and 25 days old. Sitting in his favorite spot in the backyard, playing with a stick/wand, and enjoying a little sunshine. The purest and simplest form of discovery play for a toddler such as himself. There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter,… Continue reading A little sunshine goes a long way.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It's wet outside. I realize that this is California, and I should not be complaining about the rain we are in such desperate need of, but we are cooped up in the house all day with a cranky toddler who's got cabin fever, and this is only the middle of January. All that being said,… Continue reading Rain, Rain, Go Away…

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A little while back, I had the honor of photographing the daughter of our dear family friends, a young lady named Alana, whom I have known since she was just a toddler. These photo's were taken by me, at my home, and in natural light. Alana's mother and I did the styling for this session… Continue reading Alana

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Here's the thing about me...I don't drive. I have never had a drivers licence, or even a learner's permit, at any point in my life. Driving is my greatest fear. Wherever, I go either my husband or my mother in law take me. Sometimes, I just walk. This arrangement has worked well for me, with little complaint from others,… Continue reading Bicycle