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Too tired to function.

I have new found appreciation and respect for anyone who combines being a wife and mother with being an employee. I have further respect for anyone who adds college student to that mixture.
My body aches and to add insult to injury my dreams at night are all work related. I am very grateful for this slower week ahead of me.

Additionally, my employer who hired me for a seasonal/temporary position has decided to keep me permanently. To which I replied (in my head at least) no shit. That is welcome news, though. My husband’s appreciation and respect for the mom life deepens as he manages to keep Jack happy, fed, watered, and in one piece while I’m away. We do have help from grammy and sometimes auntie as well, bless them.

Fortunately, this week wasn’t all work and no play. We did have a very special out of town guest in the form of my husband and myself’s  best friend and his lovely girlfriend. Jeremy and I hadn’t seen our friend since our wedding day, so this visit was much overdue and much appreciated.

I’m grateful to be off work today, and for the next few days, and my family is happy about it as well. Jack needs some mommy time, hubby needs wife time, and I need to clean the house and put away holiday decorations. I also see heaps of laundry in my near future.

For now, I’m simply enjoying watching Jack play with his toys in his room, while trying to memorize every little detail of his face.





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  1. What beautiful pictures, Heather!! He is a beautiful child/person and you are lucky to have him. Keep up that memorizing…..

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    January 3, 2016

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