Here’s the thing about me…I don’t drive. I have never had a drivers licence, or even a learner’s permit, at any point in my life. Driving is my greatest fear. Wherever, I go either my husband or my mother in law take me. Sometimes, I just walk. This arrangement has worked well for me, with little complaint from others, for many years.

Lately, however, I have been craving a more independent mode of transportation. Especially, since I will be starting school soon, here in town. I’d like to be able to get myself to class and to the library, and I’d like to do it a little more quickly that if I was walking.

Enter my new bicycle. I LOVE IT. I have wanted a bike like this one for years. I love everything about it. Even the fact that it’s a man’s bike doesn’t bother me because the seat is so damn comfortable. I just don’t find ladies bike seats very comfortable.

I am officially excited for my first class, and I hope it doesn’t rain.




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  1. That bike is SO cute! Before Jack Jimmy and I would ride our road bikes casually all the time and I really miss it! I went through a big phase where I often chose riding my bike to school over driving. Have fun with it!

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