Monthly Archives: February 2016

Sharing a bed with my homework.

Heading into week three of school, I’ve got a pile of reading and a rough draft of my first essay assignment in bed with me. I’m in the midst of a much-appreciated hiatus from work, that is four days off in a row, and so far I’ve not missed my name tag a bit.

Jack has also been enjoying his extra mommy time. He’s been a trooper in regards to my hectic schedule and doesn’t seem to be negatively affected by it. Although, he has taken to holding onto me dearly the last couple of days. He grabs hold of my hand and takes me with him wherever he goes.

I am especially enjoying this little breather, I have been missing my baby boy so much and it’s been so great playing outside with him in this warm weather we’ve been getting. Hubby is himself enjoying a break and has been able to focus on his own projects while enjoying some extra down time, not too mention mommy daddy time. 😉




Coffee is crucial at this point.

Here I sit, on the eve of my second week of that work/school/mom/wife/ life, with my course texts, and class notes, and my large cup of coffee in front of me. The baby has been in bed for an hour now, and I just finished mopping the kitchen flIoor that I had been previously  neglecting. I’m tired, my back and feet hurt equally, there is much on my mind, and I am grateful.