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Picky Eater.

Jack won’t eat his dinner 90 percent of the time. It is a rare occasion that I can get him to eat anything cooked or otherwise prepared for him.
It’s hard for me to admit that Jack is such a difficult eater at the dinner table. Because I tried to diversify his pallet from the time he started solids. Somewhere along the way, he stopped obliging my requests to take a bit of his lunch or dinner.
To add insult to injury, I also HATE COOKING. I didn’t hate it as much when I was a stay at home mom, but as a working mom, I especially despise it.
Hubby doesn’t cook. Neither does Grammy. I can cook, but I loathe it. What’s for dinner? I have no fucking idea. Let’s order pizza.
Which reminds me, Jack won’t event TRY pizza. He will not let it pass his lips.
For a while I made Jack meatless everything assuming that was his hang up. But it’s not.
I throw so much food away it’s disgusting. I wish there were a way to return or donate meals I prepare for Jack that he refuses to taste.
What’s a mom to do I ask you? I beg him to eat his dinner, I talk to him about why he should, I refuse to give him alternatives, but nothing works.
Last night we alternated between “time out” and “just one bite.” Finally, I caved and let him out of time out even though he would not take one single bite of his little dinner.
Anyone else going through this? Anyone want to chime in with helpful suggestions or constructive ideas feel free to comment below.



Happy Easter to those who celebrate, we do, though not for religious reasons. We celebrate to mark the passing of winter and entrance of summer.

As I write this it is gently raining outside, the sky is dim and blue. It is an hour until jack’s bedtime and he is watching Disney’s Cars on DVD for the 100th time this month. So this feels like as good a time as any to write about our new addition.

His name is Logan, I found him on Craigslist earlier this month. He was being tossed out of his litter by his mother, and by the Craigslist poster, I am sure, so we adopted/rescued/paid for him in a low-key drug deal esque fashion, and happily welcomed him into our family.

Logan is still so tiny at approximately 7 weeks. He is all gray with tiny button eyes and fluffy fur. He has settled right in and become quite comfortable with us and our two dogs, though our other cat is quite jealous and having none of it.

We miss our Toki so terribly that we brought Logan home to help honor his memory. In fact, Logan already reminds us so much of Toki that I swear he is his reincarnation. Laugh all you want but when my MIL and I said goodbye to Toki this past January we begged him to return to us in any form he could.

And I think that’s what he’s done. (Call me crazy. I’m not into all that Jesus stuff, but I think my current cat is a reincarnation of my dead one).

Anyway, Logan is so smart and feisty and incredibly fluffy and photogenic. My Instagram is full of kitten spam and I’m not sorry.


P.S. Yes, we named him Logan after the Wolverine movie of the same name. Hugh Jackman is a babe.