I’m a Disneyland Virgin

As is sit here on the couch with my three-year-old boy, watching Disneys Cars for the 900th time, I am reminded that there is an entire Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure park. You might be thinking “so what I’ve been there” but let me remind you that Disney is a privilege, not a right. Such a luxury has yet to be afforded by me or gifted to me.

I am a married mother of one going on 29 years of age and a California resident for a decade now, yet I have never been to Disney. I can recall countless childhood friends, and classmates being whisked away on magical Disney vacations, returning from break with autograph books filled up, as well as other treasures.

As an adult, social media still bombards me with images of happy friends and acquaintances flocking to Disney to wrap their arms around their favorite characters. So I scroll on in jealousy while a familiar voice inside my brain proclaims with complete certainty “someday.”

Someday Jeremy, Jack and I will make an epic pilgrimage to Disney, and it will be glorious. Hopefully, by the time we get there, Jack will still care about Cars Land. Until then, I will continue to scroll on in jealousy as you all make your annual treks to the happiest place on earth this summer.  But while you are there try to remember the envious children (and adults)  who have never had the pleasure. Teach your children to be grateful for the experience, and gracious when sharing the experience with others.


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