Product Review

Product Review | Keurig K15

If you’re like me, you don’t have the grace or the patience to carefully brew your own coffee at home.

I don’t grind my own beans, and I don’t French press.

I get my coffee from a Starbucks drive thru or struggle through the day grossly under caffeinated.

But no longer.

Alas, I am finally free from the confines of my co dependent relationship with the bux.

I can now caffeinate myself independently in my own home thanks to our kitchens new addition.

Keurig K15

I struggled with the pros and cons of a Keurig lifestyle for months and compared models and prices across multiple online sellers.

Finally, my MIL made my mind up for me when the K15 went on sale at Target.

I like the K15 model because of its compact size. I’m not into machines that take up an enormous amount of counter space.

We went with the red model to match our other appliances.

It will brew up to 10 oz but I have to slide the bottom off to fit my cereal bowl sized coffee mug.

Eventually, I hope to move away from the wastefulness of disposable k cups because I am not proud of their impact on the environment.

For now,  I’m enjoying the new love in my life without guilt.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

So if you’re like me, and desperately require prompt caffeine in the morning and consistent caffeine throughout the day in order to effectively adult, then do yourself a favor and grab a Keurig K15.

The red one is still on sale at Target for $79.99.



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