My Photography Journey

When I set out as a photographer back in 2010 I hadn’t used a camera much before. I had been spending my time in front of the camera mostly, as a model.

I took photography as an elective back in high-school (2005) and I would spend class time posing for other students. My own photos were downright terrible and never exposed properly, or in focus. When final grades came around my instructor was kind enough to issue me a passing grade under the condition that I would never attempt photography again.

Fast forward to 2010, when I decided to try my hand at photography, after becoming fed up with the photographers in my area who were photographing models as a means to get laid, and toting their cameras around as if they were an extension of their man hood.

I found myself desperately seeking creativity in my life as well as a sense of control. Photography continues to give me both of these things.

I started with my Olympus E-PL1 back in October of 2010. At first, I only took photos around the house. My goal was to build my portfolio as a portrait photographer and I eventually found a local model to work with.

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect back on that first photo shoot and compare that work to my most recent because I haven’t given up, I continue to develop as a photographer, while still placing value in the work I am currently doing.

Below, are two photos, on the left is a photo from my first shoot and on the right is a photo from my most recent session. Both photos were shot outdoors in challenging natural lighting and both photos were processed using Adobe software.

I definitely see an improvement, and that feels good. It feels like I have achieved something by not giving up on photography, by not listening to that teacher over a decade ago who told me not to bother anymore.

Do any of you have a similar experience to share?

Feel free to post in the comments.




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