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Blog Mom Responds To Claims That Her Sponsored Content Exploits Her Kids.

Ok, I don’t know if you guys took my advice and started following Ana-Maria Klizs aka blue bird kisses, but if you did, then you know about the interview she did for CBC Radio this past week where she was asked about her mom blog and her sponsored posts.

Apparently, after Ana’s segment, there was another guest on the show, a fellow mom blogger named Heather B. Armstrong and she told a cautionary tale about the dangers of sponsored content and exploiting your personal life on social media in order to get paid.

In response to Heather’s tale of caution, Ana took to Instagram in a hurricane of furious video stories obviously feeling very defensive, and denying that she exploits her kids or her family life, or that she as Heather puts it, “manufactures content.”

Honestly, I always thought Ana’s photos felt a little contrived but overall I think she’s a down to earth chick. I was shocked at how pissed she was at the other mom blogger though. You know the guilty yell the loudest. So is Ana feeling guilty? Or is her outrage warranted? It’s evident that Ana’s feed (specifically Instagram and her Blog) is very well defined and controlled. As a lifestyle blogger, her home and her boys are the biggest parts of her brand. If you follow her, you know that her feed is very commercial looking; her life is a Target or Ikea add at a glance.

Ana may be a self-described “slob mom” at school pickup/drop off but she’s the cool, stylish boy mom on Instagram and it pays. In her defense, though she seems to be handling herself, she let her followers know that she writes up her own contracts with the brands she collaborates with, something that Heather B. Armstrong has only now started doing since returning to blogging after a hiatus. Ana also says she doesn’t include the boys in sponsored content against their wishes, and that she always discusses posts with sponsored content with her husband.

I’m curious if anyone else has any thoughts on this? Or if I’m the only one who follows the popular blog mom’s and talks about them like their celebrities? What do you think about mommy bloggers who manufacture content in order to get paid? I know they’re out there, but is Ana one of them?







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