Learning to Drive

I’m 29 Years Old and I Don’t Know How to Drive.

You read that right. I don’t drive, I’ve never had a learner’s permit or a driver’s license.
The reasons for this include:
1. I’m scared to death of operating a motor vehicle and exceeding speeds of 35 miles per hour.
2. I never could pass the damn permit test in Oregon.
3. I gave up trying.
Now, I have made it through life all this time without the ability to drive. But for a while now I’ve felt like it’s time.
I’m still scared to death, and California freeways are horrific. And that damn permit test has made a punk out of me too many times before.
But my sister-in-law has assured me that the written test is much easier in California compared to Oregon.
Which isn’t surprising considering most California drivers can’t be bothered to use their blinker or stop at a stop sign.
Anyway, conquering my fear of driving has made it’s way to the top of my to-do list.
So wish me luck, I’d like to get my learner’s permit before the year is out so if I get in line at the DMV right now my number should be called sometime before midnight of December 31st.


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