That damn Santa narrative.

This is a good post, just thought I’d share. For my part, I think of Santa like I think of Mickey Mouse. Or Santa is to Christmas and Mickey is to Disney. Are they real? Kinda? In a way, they are symbols or mascots. Santa is the personification of the spirit of giving. And I think its okay to explain it like that and it doesn’t spoil the fun unless you really want your kid to believe that Santa is a real honest to god dude.

I’m already feeling v. weird about the title of this post, given that my brother’s name is Nick. But moving on… Guys, I just don’t know how I feel about the whole Santa Claus narrative. My toddler is 2.5 years old, and while he barely knows his a** from his elbow, he is latching onto […]

via My Complicated Relationship with St. Nick — Junior Grown-Up


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