Wife, Mother, Feminist

Before I was ever a wife and mother I was a feminist, and have been a feminist for as long as I can remember. Not because I wanted an authoritative job or to change the world or anything noble like that, but because my whole life I have wanted to have as much validity and credibility as a man in any given conversation.

More importantly, for me, feminism is about setting a universal standard for the fair and equal treatment of women around the world.

Initially, I was going to make this post about how I compromise my feminist beliefs every day. But the more I worked on that post, the more I realized, that I’m not compromising my feminism at all, I’m simply flexible.

For example, I do all the cooking and cleaning and laundry around the house for the most part. Not because I have to or am limited to cooking and cleaning and child-rearing as my entire scope of existence, instead I do it because it makes life easier for me. I don’t have the patience for nagging and pestering and reminding my husband to pitch in if he pulls the vacuum across the carpet its because he did it without being asked, or not at all.

So, even though I think that women and men are equally capable of cooking and cleaning and there should be an even balance in household chores, I do all that housewife shit because I’m empowered to, to either make my husband cook and clean, or not.

In other parts of the world and even right here in the United States women aren’t allowed to be anything but a wife and mother, and while both of these things give me life, my child and my husband are my worlds, there’s still more to me. I’m allowed to be more than Jeremy’s wife, or Jack’s mom.

Feminist is not a dirty word in our house; I plan to continue my education and continue to raise my son to be a respectful and empathetic human being. So that someday he can use the fact that he is a male and therefore automatically a person, wherever he goes on this earth with all of the rights and privileges therein to positively impact the lives of women and girls in his life, and his community.


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