I’m a Smart Ass, Not A Dumbass.

Did anyone else have a derogatory nickname growing up?



I did.

While other kids were applying for college I was getting my food handlers permit to meet a course requirement. I was on an IEP and had to attend what were basically “special education” classes because I was terrible at math.

I’m still bad at math, but I don’t feel like I’m dumb anymore.

Being terrible at school back then is why I am working on my associate’s degree at 30 (almost) years old.

I’m doing much better now than I was back then, I have a 3.5+ GPA and was recently awarded a scholarship. So I’m going to take this opportunity to brag about what I consider a significant achievement, even if it seems minor in comparison to what other’s my age are achieving.

You can watch/listen to my award introduction below:

I’m at the 8 minute mark.



So yea, I got a fancy piece of paper with my name on it, oh and some money for school, and my English 1C instructor had lovely things to say about me as a writer. Also, I was offered a position as a student tutor in the fall which I accepted.

It’s amazing what my loving and supportive family have helped me achieve, and while I owe everything to them, I’d like to dedicate this achievement to everyone who ever doubted me.  To everyone who made me believe I was dumb, who failed to encourage and support me and guide me, even though I cut you out of my life I’d like to dedicate this award to you.


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