Adult College

10 Things I Learned While Attending Community College in My Late Twenties.

Community college is a level academic playing field, which makes it an important tool for adult students like myself. However, attending courses with persons a decade younger than myself can be extremely frustrating, I find myself caring more about my coursework and my grades than my peers. Which is why I created this list of things I have learned so far while attending community college as a grown ass woman.

  1. When an instructor assigns a group project, they are basically telling the A students to work with the “I just want to pass” students, which inevitably creates more work for A students and enables below average students to receive a grade they didn’t earn.
  2. No one knows how to shut a door quietly. And even when instructed during the first class meeting in the nature of polite door closing, students continue to refuse to take the extra time required to ease a door shut during a lecture or test.
  3. Not everyone knows how long a paragraph should be or what constitutes a complete sentence and those who do know get recommended as tutors.
  4. People who attend community college and describe themselves as smart and talented rarely ever are.
  5. If you lose your temper at another student for continually lying about not receiving the hand-out for the assignment that’s due, your instructor might suggest you apologize when you are “feeling a little more patient”.
  6. Most classes could, and should, be administered online.
  7. You can’t smoke anywhere and you’ll really want/need to even if you don’t regularly smoke.
  8. Not being able to eat and drink in the library is like cruel and unusual torture.
  9. Most instructors are equal parts organized, well-intentioned, and engaging, the ones who aren’t don’t take criticism very well.   
  10. Instructors that head their department will hold you to an academic standard that is on par with state colleges and private institutions and you will hate them for it because chances are, this will be the semester that you need an instructor that understands the fact that you have a job and a family and basic biological functions.

I’m sure there are things on this list that I forgot to include so if you think of any let me know in the comments.


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