Let’s Talk About My Twenties.

They’re fucking over.

I’m a thirty-year-old woman now.


I already miss being in my 20’s I gotta say, no one ever knew quite how old I was just by looking at me which was nice. Less gray hair then too.

My 20’s gave me a husband and a son and fistfuls of dynamite lessons in life and love and the power of family, a real family.

Thirty years means my husband has officially known me and loved me for half my life and that in itself is worth celebrating.

I feel like I’m shedding a skin, entering full madre, which is, of course, the space between maiden and crone. In honor of that fact, I got a new tattoo.


It’s the Addams Family matriarch, the first First Lady of freaks, Morticia Addams inspired by the Charles Addams illustrations for the New Yorker.

Also, I didn’t have a birthday party, I had a funeral for my 20’s.

Funeral for my twenties

Funeral for my twentiesFuneral for my twenties

Hooray for getting older, life is a gift.

P.S. We lost one of the good ones yesterday, a personal hero of mine, Mr. Anthony Bourdain took his own life yesterday on my 30th birthday and the whole thing made me rather emotional. Funny how much you can love someone you never even knew.


We saw Ocean’s 8 it was AMAZING!


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