Mom Blog

More Than the Sum of My Husband and Son.

When I began this blog, I did so with the intention of it being a mom blog, because that is the kind of blog I felt qualified to write, hence the name. I found wifehood and motherhood to be a very validating experience, being defined by others in that way felt very natural to me.

However, then I re-entered community college, and suddenly it became very apparent that validating my existence through these two other people didn’t exactly scream HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM. But isn’t that the premise of our mom blogs? To use our relationships and our homes as vehicles for our voice?

I have not been blogging as much as I potentially could, because I don’t have a lot to say regarding mom blog type things like crafts and projects etc. I’m not as good at oversharing as others I don’t feel the desire to track Jacks progress through childhood at the moment or vent my frustrations as they pertain to domestic life. What does that leave for me to talk about in this space?

I should spend more time here though. After all, this is the only space except for my own head or an assignment where I am not interrupted. I can say whatever I want here without my point of view being disregarded in favor of some others.

What am I qualified to write about though? More importantly, what do people expect me to write about? I have a fear of confrontation, so I tend to reserve political, moral, ethical, and philosophical topics for essays that only exist between my instructor and me. So what’s left?

I really don’t want to write about diet or exercise because I don’t do either of those things and I avoid posting recipes because I don’t measure shit. I don’t know dick about essential oils or holistic living. Which leaves I dunno, product reviews and photography I guess? However, both of those topics seem boring or played out and useless.

My point is that I shouldn’t have to use my son or my husband as a front for my opinion or as a means of self-validation. I’d prefer to write about meaningful topics that don’t necessarily relate to directly my private family life but do impact it in some way. So I am searching for a happy medium.

To be continued…


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